maandag 7 januari 2013

donderdag 13 december 2012

After the Fall - Decade

After the fall shared a new song of their upcoming record 'Unkind'. Great song and lyrics I can totally relate to! Can't wait for them to come to Holland again and play a show!

donderdag 22 november 2012


It has been about 2 weeks since I arrived here in Lincoln. After i arrived and met the guys from the band we went on tour for 10 days. I must say it was kind of crazy going on tour in a strange country with 5 (including myself) guys, witch I only knew one of. But really soon we discovered that this was a really nice group to tour with. I came along on this tour to make some photo's of the band and make a video. You will find a small selection of photo's below. I will write down some of my personal highlights below.

The second show we had was in a royal city called Lemmington Spa. But for some reason, in this town the biggest barfight I have ever seen broke loose. People were trowing chairs and pints, some guy tried to put another guys head through the window, some girls were ripping each others hair of, and so on. After some effort we (wich is: everybody in the bar) managed to throw the people out and rest returned to this lovely english pub. The thing that hurt me the most was that a dear 'That's not me fan' by the name Gary, got thrown through the air and landed in between the tables. But I am happy I can say I have been in an English barfight! 

Another really good day for me was Brighton. Not only because we got to see the beach and the sea, but because my good friend Mitch Wheeler lives there! We got to hang out again, have a really short skate-session and get drunk together. Mitch, I know for sure I will see you soon again in Brighton or Amsterdam! 

After Brighton London was our next stop, after a lovely day walking the streets of London and playing the show, we got to a house that is known for their punkrockshows in the kitchen and the legends that live there. Why are they legends? Because I have heard a lot of crazy stories about them and this house. I felt happy to be here and after a few drinks i got to experience the magic of this house... I have never seen so many half-naked man being so happy for the fact they were half-naked... 

Daisy, Andy & Joe looking over Lincoln

A cup of real English tea

LTR: Justin, Joe, Gaz, Rick, Rob 

The old Brighton Pier

And once more


Chilling on the Brighton pier

A bird in London!

The London underground

In The Castle

vrijdag 9 november 2012

Lincoln England

Hello Everybody,

So i just arrived in Lincoln yesterday to visit my good friend Joe Davis and to go on tour with him and his band That's not me. As soon as I arrived I felt so happy because the English accent in Leeds made me laugh. I couldn't understand any word that people said to me. We had an english Dinner at a road restaurant, where there was a little lady behind the counter who asked al sorts of crazy questions and started showing us dance moves.. It was pretty strange, but funny.

So Today is my first day here. Joe and his roommate went to work and I decided to talk a little walk in Lincoln. I love the way the English neighborhoods are build. There's loads of small houses in a row, with small gardens and then all of a sudden, there's one big ass house, and then the small houses continue. Even the way the street signs look attracts me, it makes the neighborhood look a lot more cozy. One thing I noticed, was that there are a lot of signs telling you not to do stuff, like: NO BALL GAMES. Or signs that say: ANTI-VANDALISM PAINT. That one in particular made me laugh.

Here you'll find some pictures of the walk I took. I will make some pictures and video's during this tour, so check in once in a while to see how it's going over here!





This bird is breaking the law. You can only walk here.

But Beware of the sudden drop

An English alley

The Foss Bank

Charlesworth Street

A house on Grisham Street

To go to the city center just ride your bike through this house.

The Sea Cadets's hideout

A big house on 'Nelson Street'

A side door of 'The big house on Nelson Street'

At Joe and Andy's place

vrijdag 26 oktober 2012


Mark and me did an experiment with some light graffiti. This is the result:

zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Touring with Tim again

2 pannekoekers

So it's been almost 2 weeks since my last tour with Tim Vantol, and i figured I should post some pictures of them on my blog and write a short story about it. This time we were lucky enough to play a support tour for the Menzingers. An awesome punkrockband from the USA. Another Band that joined this tour was the Front Bottoms and we did 2 shows with Nothington. Besides these shows we also had a few headline shows in Austria without these bands. The Menzingers and Nothington I had already seen before, and were both awesome! But I was really surprised by the Front Bottoms, I didn't know the band before this tour, but after I became a big fan. The clumsy, sort of uncomfortable, crazy singing style combined with their crazy lyrics are spot on! So we set off on a tour which was going to be an amazing one! Almost every show was packed, and even though Tim opened and played in front of new audiences, he seemed to get the audience moving every night again! We started of in Amsterdam, which is always nice, because its our hometown. So a lot of friends showed up, even Joe Davis and Mister Nehren from the last full band tour came to visit us for the weekend and see the show. After that we went to Germany, made a detour of 2 days to Austria to play 2 headlining shows and went back to germany again to meet up with the Menzingers and Nothington. Almost all the shows were equally as fun. We met tons of nice people, seen some really nice places, seen some big-ass-crazy houses and had loads of fun. As some of you know i like to take some pictures during tour, and mostly about the not playing shows part, but all the other stuff that is happening on tour. Below you will find a few, hope you like them :)

the city streets of Munster

Tim Playing in the Ramones Museum, Berlin

Our anti flue car kit

We found this nice lake near Timelkam, Austria and decided to chill for a while

Me on the dock 

Also at the lake

Going for some Bear Grills action

This is where Tim was still dry and comfortable

This is where Tim wasn't dry and comfortable anymore



We met up with our fullband mate 'Cis' from the liberation service in Graz, Austria

Probably the biggest and empyest room I've ever slept in! 

vrijdag 1 juni 2012

The Avett Brothers

This is the music video of the song 'Head full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise' by the Avett Brothers. One of the bands I'm really in to at the moment. This video must have taken so much work to create! But the result is awesome!